Let me introduce us

Janet - portrait by Veronica O’Leary
Janet - portrait by Veronica O’Leary
Pete with our Maremma dogs
Pete with our Maremma dogs

Our names are Janet and Pete. We moved to the island in 2012 after falling in love with the place from the air whilst flying in for a holiday.

We live at Pegarah Homestead, the place on the corner with the 5 white dogs, you can't miss it. (Thems island directions. You’ll get used to it).

We have ventured into breeding Highland Cattle and this year we welcomed our first hairy coo calves. They’re just mind-blowingly adorable. We have a milking cow called Erin, chooks, ducks, geese and the few remaining retired miniature horses. We are trying to be as self sufficient as possible but to be honest with you it’s nothing like what they tell you on River Cottage.

Pete is a retired policeman who’s written a couple of cracking books about his 14 year career in the NSW police and how he has reinvented himself on the Island surrounded by his menagerie.

Janet, that’s me, has zero career highlights but did pretty well for herself when it came to horses.

I love art, all sorts of art from printmaking, drawing, painting and anything to do with fibre and glass. My barn is my happy place where I can go to create. King Island has a wealth of talented artists and makers. I believe the island nurtures the creative types.

I fell in love with a wonky little house in a sleepy little town on a rugged windswept island in Bass Strait. It’s got history, it’s got character it’s got hygge. It give me great pleasure to offer my house to you because I know you’ll love it as much as I do.

As guests of Lunarsea you’re welcome to come to Pegarah where you can cuddle some coos, learn about Maremma dogs or spend time creating in the barn.